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Cbd Dispensary Portland

Cbd Dispensary Portland

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the many chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp.

It's been researched that CBD can help with stress, anxiety, pain, amongst its other benefits.

At Betoken, our Cbd products are exclusively designed for grown-ups. Growing up comes with its challenges, and we know that these challenges can heighten up the stress level, sometimes causing sleepless nights.

As adults, we have several things to worry about, ranging from bills, expenses, self-development, career advancement, health challenges, kids, parents, fear of the unknown, and overall personal promotions. These issues and several others can weigh on our minds leading to both physical and psychological stress and anxiety.

At Betoken, our products are manufactured to help you sleep, relax, and to ease the stress off you.

Our products range from edibles to oils and creams that can be used on the body. Each of our CBD products consists of blends of hemp and other botanical components, which are medicinal and beneficial to the body. Our hemp is grown on an industrial farm in Massachusetts and is carefully manufactured to be GMP compliant.

At Betoken, our products are carefully tested by a 3rd party to ensure purity and safety to the end-user. We care about what goes into our clients' bodies and what is applied to their skin.

An Overview of Our Company


At Betoken, we believe that transparency is critical, and this is why we happily subject all our products to third-party testing. We have nothing to hide, and we are concerned about the safety of our products to consumers.


Our production company is in Massachusetts, which is about 2 hours from our headquarters. We have professional manufacturers who understand what we want and share our values in delivering the best CBD products in Portland. We are both committed to providing quality products to our clients and end-users.

Our facility is GMP compliant, and we prioritize the health and safety of our clients. Every step of manufacturing is monitored and supervised to ensure safety and compliance at all levels.


One excellent feature of ours is that we ship out our products as at when due. We have promised our customers to deliver on time consistently, and this, we haven't faltered. Furthermore, our delivery boxes are versatile and reusable. The boxes are so beautiful that they could be used to send gifts, chocolates, or cookies to your loved ones. The boxes are not your standard brown boxes; these are beautifully crafted for the best outlook.

Betoken is founded by Liz Kirby, a wellness and health veteran. Liz is also a former attorney( This shows that she knows the law and the implication of disregarding it). She is happily married and lives in southern Maine with her husband and two lovely kids.

At Betoken, we have the best CBD oils online. We are the leading CBD store in Portland.

CBD products are fast becoming a go-to in society because they have been effective for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and a host of behavioral disorders. However, like any other type of enabler, it must be used in moderation. With monitored and controlled usage, CBD products are practical and helpful.

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Cbd Dispensary Portland
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Cbd Dispensary Portland
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